Verrel Bramasta – Biografi Bahasa Inggris

All facts and explanations about the latest and most updated Bramasta verrel biodata will be discussed here. Verrel bramasta fadilla soedjoko is the long name of the eldest son of the couple Venna Melinda and Ivan Fadilla or familiarly called verrel bramasta. Verrel’s early career began from starring in an advertisement and becoming a guest star in a private TV show. Her first appearance as a soap opera actor titled “Stars in the Sky” produced by SinemArt.

Now Bramasta verrel biodata is often searched for information via the internet, especially womenfolk. When he first entered the world of entertainment, verrel was often gossiped about because he was accused of using the fame of his parents. But Verrel proved through his neat appearance in front of the camera that he did have the talent to succeed in the entertainment world. Besides having the ability in the role of art, verrel was also talented in singing.

Early Career Verrel Bramasta

According to Bramasta verrel biodata initially he did not intend to enter the world of entertainment. But when he had just finished playing basketball, someone offered to join casting. He also followed the casting with the appearance as it is without being burdened to escape. But thanks to the encouragement of his parents Verrel also became successful in the world of entertainment and addiction in the world of roles.

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A successful TV show starring Verrel Bramasta

He starred in the TV show Ngabuburit in 2014
Has starred in the Seleb Nyantri TV show in 2015
in Stereo year in 2015
The film was once starred by Verrel Bramasta

The main character as Demas in the film titled LDR in 2015
The main character as Demas in a film called Where is My Romeo in 2015
The main cast as Marvel in a film called Dubsmash in 2016
The supporting role as Ditho in a film called ILY from 38,000 Ft in 2016
Soap opera that was once starred by Verrel Bramasta

Has starred in a soap opera entitled Aisyah Putri The Series: Hijab In Love from 2014 to 2015
He starred in a soap opera titled Bintang in Langit in 2014
He starred in a soap opera titled Beautiful Witch in 2015
He starred in a soap opera titled Rajawali in 2015
Has starred in a soap opera titled 7 New Year’s Tiger Man in 2016
Has starred in a soap opera titled Schoolgirl in 2017
Never starred in a soap opera titled Who’s Afraid to Fall in Love in 2017 to 2018

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Salshabilla Adriani – Biografi Bahasa Inggris

All the facts and explanations about Biodata Salshabilla Adriani, the latest and most up-to-date profile information will be discussed here. Please refer to this article carefully, make the source of this article to find out the world of your idol artist. Regeneration is always changing and changing including in the world of cinema, with each passing year more and more new stars appear with their respective talents.

Not to forget they have honed their abilities since childhood. One of the stars in the entertainment industry is Salshabilla Andriani. The actor with Biodata Salshabilla Adriani or previously known as salsha Elovii is an actor and singer of the girl group band.

This beautiful woman who was born in Jakarta on August 12 in 2001 started her career when she was 3 years old and has starred in the first advertisement, Procal milk. After finishing starring in porcal salshabila milk ads, Andriani continued to get various offers on the big screen and the soap opera.

Soap opera has starred in Salshabilla Adriani, one of which is titled Street Children, Goddess, Dreaming Garuda and Rain The Series. From Salshabila Andriani’s Biodata he has also been active in the world of sex. He had a chance to take part in a typeling match, or a fashion show about the fashion show arena that he sold, namely the clover type of hunt in 2009.

The name of the fans found in Biodata Salshabilla Adriani is salshalova. For him, salshalova is very familiy because I have been supporting Salsha for many years, without you guys, I also wouldn’t be anything right now, he said Salsha at the interview. There are some ideal couples and male critics who are loved by Salsha, hehe.

Personal information from Biodata Salshabilla Adriani

Personal information from Biodata Salshabilla Adriani started her career at 3 years old. Of course he was very young at the time. Which was the beginning of his career playing advertisements in procal dairy products. As time went on his talent was constantly honed and developed, so that many crew and production houses liked his talent. So, therefore, Salsha now has many offer to play soap operas and widescreen movies.

One of the salsha films is kuntilanak 2 and this is the first film in the Biodata Salshabilla Adriani to play a big screen movie in a horror film. she was an Angel in 2015, “Driver and Employer” in 2016, “7 New Generation Tiger Men” in 2016, and many more.

From Salshabilla Adriani Biodata she is the second daughter of her father named Hasdy Andrin and her Bunda named Helen Oktavia Salsha (her nickname). The son of three sisters, Salsha’s sister, Annisa, and her sister, Nabila. In the course of Salshabilla Adriani’s career, she alternated to change group band, or to be exact, a girl band. The first time she was in a band.

As for the name of the band called ‘Swittins’, however, it did not last longer, Salsha decided to leave the group because of his very tight schedule of activities including shotting.

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Angga Aldi Yunanda – Biografi Bahasa Inggris

All facts and explanations about Biodata Angga Aldi Yunanda, the latest and most up-to-date profile information will be discussed here. The profile of Angga Aldi Yunanda as a young actor in the homeland is indeed worthy of you to find out. Well, on this occasion you will get a brief information about the FTV player from his career to success on the entertainment stage. Please refer to the following review!

Information about the biodata of Angga Aldi Yunanda as a newcomer before starting his career is considered very important for you to know as one of his fans. The handsome young man born in Lombok, May 16, 2000 is the youngest child of the couple Muhammad Nasir Sedo and Yuliati Mahsun. The man of two brothers has a big enough dream to change his life to be more useful for others. This he proved through his talent to become a star. Talent that is owned by Angga is not merely getting his eyes easily you know.

Because, before he became famous and became an artist, the news about Angga Aldi Yunanda’s biodata paid little attention to cyberspace. In fact, it was rumored that Angga used to be a very shy person when he was in elementary school. Angga is often bombarded with ridicule by his friends because they are considered as strange students. Moving on from these conditions and circumstances, Angga tried hard to get rid of his shame and promised to make himself more courageous to appear and show his talent.

Biodata of Angga Aldi Yunanda

Angga Aldi Yunanda Before Plunging into the World of Entertainment
Biodata Angga Aldi Yunanda before he became a famous actor was indeed not much in demand by most young men and women in the country. However, the name Angga increasingly became known when he became a famous player. However, you need to know that before getting a position in the hearts of the people of Indonesia, Angga had worked without a penny paid. Actually, before getting a seat in the world of roles, Angga had first started his career as a model and singing.

Angga Biography Aldi Yunanda is still accepted by some of his friends in the modeling world. Only that, the attraction possessed by Angga was not considered balanced when he was still a model. Maybe it was because he was acquainted with the designer or even to help friends, this was said by Anggat to the press some time ago.

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Early career until success

As it was written earlier, that the biodata of Angga Aldi Yunanda as a shy person was once transformed into a bolder figure into a glass star. Starting a career as a model, never paid at all when doing work. Angga also mentioned that Lombok as his birthplace did not offer too high a price for a beginner model like him. This is what arouses the spirit from within Angga to become a more famous and great actor. Thankfully, the work done by the artist from the island of Lombok is not in vain and sweet fruit.

Angga’s name and bio Aldi Yunanda began to be known to the public and skyrocketed when he played the main character as Eric in the soap opera Mermaid in Love. The soap opera that was produced by Mega Kreasi Films was able to make the name Angga Aldi Yunanda soar in the world of characterizations. Thus, the name and role played by Angga is increasingly crazy by fans of the soap opera, especially womenfolk. Colliding acting with other artists and actors such as Amanda Manopo, Esa Sigit, Rebecca Klopper, Syifa Hadju, and others made Angga’s acting more stable and flowing like a top actor.

Successful role in the soap opera Mermaid in Love, the artist with biodata Angga Aldi Yunanda is getting a lot of attention from the general public. Not only with a handsome face and appearance, but the talent and acting skills given by Angga to the audience are also very good and quality. Thus, it is predicted that Angga will become a top actor for the foreseeable future. Angga’s friendly character and character make him quickly accepted by the entertainment world. This is the biggest capital and opportunity for Angga to become the best public figure.

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Zazkia Gotik – Biodata Artis Dalam Bahasa Inggris

All the facts and explanations about the most updated Zaskia Gothic Biodata profile information will be discussed here. Zaskia Gotik or Surkianih is a rambutdut actress born on April 27, 1990, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. Zaskia at the age of 5 years already took an interest in the world of singing, but sang professionally when she was in the first grade of junior high school. Before the famous Zaskia often joined singing competitions. And finally he got a Regular gig schedule from one cafe to another cafe. When singing Zakia finally left his school and began to focus on singing.

Entering the 2011 career of Zaskia gothic to plunge into the world, the pull of sound is increasingly wide open. Until his name was coupled by the label Big Indie Nagaswara to make a single. Still in the same year in October the first single began to circulate in the market. Zaskia favorite music flow he chose House Pop and song that has been released and circulated in the community like “just one hour”. How the story of Zaskia Gotik’s career and career will continue in this article. In this Gothic Zaskia Biodata will also discuss Information Profile and achievements that have been achieved during participating in the entertainment world of the country.

Early Career

Early journey Zaskia Gothic Biodata career does have a very long test. His father Zaskia Gotik was a motorcycle taxi driver, sometimes he only brought 30 thousand every two weeks, which certainly could not meet his needs. Until Zaskia’s older sister, Jumainah, helped to make a living as a washing laborer. Life is lacking making zaskia excited want to plunge into the world of entertainment. Because Zaskia wants to be petrified and tries to make his family happy.

Even when Zaskia Gotik was 5 years old, she already had talent in singing. Until the age of 15 years he tried to start appearing from directly to the stage. At that time he was only paid 30 thousand for one gig. Zaskia remained enthusiastic and determined and kept trying to hone her skills more. Slowly his career also already has signs of wanting to dash and at that time he must let go of his school, for the sake of his dreams that he longed for. Zaskia’s hopes were even brighter and achieved. Before he went solo in 2009, Zaskia had joined the group name Sinden Imut.

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