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Reza Rahadian – Biografi Bahasa Inggris

Reza Rahadian – Biografi Bahasa Inggris

Reza Rahadian - Biografi Bahasa Inggris
Reza Rahadian – Biografi Bahasa Inggris

Reza Rahadian

Reza Rahadian Matulessy (born in Bogor, March 5, 1987; age 32 years) or better known as Reza Rahadian is an Indonesian actor who started his career as a model and became famous after his role in the Woman Berkalung Sorban. He studied acting while in high school and made his film debut in 2004. Since receiving his first Citra Cup in 2009, he has acted in more than a dozen films, from comedy and romance to drama and biopic.

Early life
Reza was born in Bogor, March 5, 1987, the son of Rahim and Pratiwi Widantini Matulessy. The name Rahadian is a combination of the names of his parents, which means the children of Rahim and Pratiwi, while Matulessy is the mother’s family name.

His childhood was spent in 3 cities. Together with his mother, he lives in his grandmother’s house in Gadog, Bogor. His parents have been separated since he turned 6 months old. Despite growing up since childhood with a mother who became a single parent, she never felt lost of the father figure. Since childhood, Reza grew up in a family with a different religion. The mother who adheres to Christianity, always teaches Reza, who is Muslim to have an attitude of mutual tolerance among religious people.

Reza began his early career in the entertainment world by becoming a model. Previously, Reza won the Favorite Top Guest magazine, Aneka Yess! 2004. Although he never became a professional model. Instead, he regards modeling as a way to help him become an actor. Reza started his acting career in soap operas, such as “My Girlfriend’s Nerd”, produced by Rapi Films in 2005. He began his film debut in 2007, with the genre of horror-comedy films. From the soap opera, Reza began to get several offers to play in feature films. the following year he acted in the horror film Ghost Island 2.

Reza played in the film directed by Hanung Bramantyo entitled Perempuan Berkalung Sorban, this was his first to receive critical recognition in 2009. Although he initially auditioned for minor characters, Hanung chose Reza to play a bigger role – Samsuddin, the main character who rude character, polygamous husband. Through the film Perempuan Berkalung Sorban, Reza won the 2009 Citra Cup in the category of Best Supporting Actor. He acted in four other films that year which included 3 Hearts of Two Worlds, One Love that succeeded in making Reza won the winner as the Best Male Actor at the Indonesian Film Festival, and How Funny (Country) this was including three other comedy films.

In 2011 Rahadian acted in four films. These include the role of Tudo, a dolphin expert, in the debut of director Kamila Andini entitled The Mirror Never Lies; for the role in this film, Reza learns about dolphins in Ancol, North Jakarta. In addition to acting he directed a short film, titled Next.

Reza played in six films in 2012. For the film BrokenHearts, where he played as an anorexic, he lost 10 pounds to prepare for his role. Then he acted in the film Perahu Kertas and its sequel, which was adapted from a novel of the same name by Dewi Lestari; Reza plays the role of Remi, a businessman who becomes a romantic coating for the main character. According to Niken Prathivi, a journalist from The Jakarta Post believes that Reza has performed well “as expected”, showing a mental struggle between love and business.

Towards the end of 2012, Reza played the role of former president B.J. Habibie in the biography of Faozan Rizal with a film titled Habibie & Ainun, which tells the romance between Habibie and his wife, Ainun (played by Bunga Citra Lestari). In an article, Niken Prathivi wrote that Reza had given a “perfect” representation of the former president and his behavior. [9] That made Reza won the Winner in the category of Best Male Actor at the 2013 Indonesian Film Festival.

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