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All the facts and explanations about Biodata Salshabilla Adriani, the latest and most up-to-date profile information will be discussed here. Please refer to this article carefully, make the source of this article to find out the world of your idol artist. Regeneration is always changing and changing including in the world of cinema, with each passing year more and more new stars appear with their respective talents.

Not to forget they have honed their abilities since childhood. One of the stars in the entertainment industry is Salshabilla Andriani. The actor with Biodata Salshabilla Adriani or previously known as salsha Elovii is an actor and singer of the girl group band.

This beautiful woman who was born in Jakarta on August 12 in 2001 started her career when she was 3 years old and has starred in the first advertisement, Procal milk. After finishing starring in porcal salshabila milk ads, Andriani continued to get various offers on the big screen and the soap opera.

Soap opera has starred in Salshabilla Adriani, one of which is titled Street Children, Goddess, Dreaming Garuda and Rain The Series. From Salshabila Andriani’s Biodata he has also been active in the world of sex. He had a chance to take part in a typeling match, or a fashion show about the fashion show arena that he sold, namely the clover type of hunt in 2009.

The name of the fans found in Biodata Salshabilla Adriani is salshalova. For him, salshalova is very familiy because I have been supporting Salsha for many years, without you guys, I also wouldn’t be anything right now, he said Salsha at the interview. There are some ideal couples and male critics who are loved by Salsha, hehe.

Personal information from Biodata Salshabilla Adriani

Personal information from Biodata Salshabilla Adriani started her career at 3 years old. Of course he was very young at the time. Which was the beginning of his career playing advertisements in procal dairy products. As time went on his talent was constantly honed and developed, so that many crew and production houses liked his talent. So, therefore, Salsha now has many offer to play soap operas and widescreen movies.

One of the salsha films is kuntilanak 2 and this is the first film in the Biodata Salshabilla Adriani to play a big screen movie in a horror film. she was an Angel in 2015, “Driver and Employer” in 2016, “7 New Generation Tiger Men” in 2016, and many more.

From Salshabilla Adriani Biodata she is the second daughter of her father named Hasdy Andrin and her Bunda named Helen Oktavia Salsha (her nickname). The son of three sisters, Salsha’s sister, Annisa, and her sister, Nabila. In the course of Salshabilla Adriani’s career, she alternated to change group band, or to be exact, a girl band. The first time she was in a band.

As for the name of the band called ‘Swittins’, however, it did not last longer, Salsha decided to leave the group because of his very tight schedule of activities including shotting.

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