Zazkia Gotik – Biodata Artis Dalam Bahasa Inggris

All the facts and explanations about the most updated Zaskia Gothic Biodata profile information will be discussed here. Zaskia Gotik or Surkianih is a rambutdut actress born on April 27, 1990, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. Zaskia at the age of 5 years already took an interest in the world of singing, but sang professionally when she was in the first grade of junior high school. Before the famous Zaskia often joined singing competitions. And finally he got a Regular gig schedule from one cafe to another cafe. When singing Zakia finally left his school and began to focus on singing.

Entering the 2011 career of Zaskia gothic to plunge into the world, the pull of sound is increasingly wide open. Until his name was coupled by the label Big Indie Nagaswara to make a single. Still in the same year in October the first single began to circulate in the market. Zaskia favorite music flow he chose House Pop and song that has been released and circulated in the community like “just one hour”. How the story of Zaskia Gotik’s career and career will continue in this article. In this Gothic Zaskia Biodata will also discuss Information Profile and achievements that have been achieved during participating in the entertainment world of the country.

Early Career

Early journey Zaskia Gothic Biodata career does have a very long test. His father Zaskia Gotik was a motorcycle taxi driver, sometimes he only brought 30 thousand every two weeks, which certainly could not meet his needs. Until Zaskia’s older sister, Jumainah, helped to make a living as a washing laborer. Life is lacking making zaskia excited want to plunge into the world of entertainment. Because Zaskia wants to be petrified and tries to make his family happy.

Even when Zaskia Gotik was 5 years old, she already had talent in singing. Until the age of 15 years he tried to start appearing from directly to the stage. At that time he was only paid 30 thousand for one gig. Zaskia remained enthusiastic and determined and kept trying to hone her skills more. Slowly his career also already has signs of wanting to dash and at that time he must let go of his school, for the sake of his dreams that he longed for. Zaskia’s hopes were even brighter and achieved. Before he went solo in 2009, Zaskia had joined the group name Sinden Imut.

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